About Me Lusekelo Hudson

My name is Lusekelo Hudson and yes the picture below it is me

Lusekelo Hudson

My history

I was born at Ruaha in Morogoro region in Tanzania and I was given this beautiful name,i am the first born in the family of 5 with 3 sisters and 1 brother.I grow up in a kayuki village in sourthern highland of Tanzania, in Mbeya Region.

My Education

I completed my primary education at Kayuki primary school and then went at Lutengano High School,Meta High School and Tosamaganga High School for secondary(first two) and Advance Level education.

I did my Spanish course at Universidad de Matanzas in Cuba and later I went to Santiago de Cuba to study a degree in Automation Engineering.

I came to Mexico to do Masters in Automation Engineering and I still live in Mexico till this day.

My Ocupation

As I said I did Automation engineering and that makes me automation engineer I guess, also I am a certified solar system designer and I worked for more than a year in solar energy industry here in Mexico (oops that makes me solar energy expert I guess).

Currently I teach control theory at university (Universidad Jose Vasconcelos) and that makes me a teacher.

Online career

When I was at University I was very curious about html and website building but I never started any blog or website because of problem out of my reach.

So when I was at masters the burning desire of html led me to discover the world of blogging, WordPress but I had no time to pursue them so I started some blogs without much success, then I had some serious problems and I had to go back to affiliate marketing and make money online thing.

My hobbies

I like jogging (not much lately but I think I have to start again), I like watching football and when I say football I mean Arsenal football club. You can blame Arsene Wenger and Dennis Berkamp for this.

My Mission

My main mission is to help 100 people to reach their ultimate life goal.

My Ultimate life time goal

I am really not sure but it is in the line of owning Arsenal share one day and owning a football team that will be the one of the best in the world (if it is not Arsenal then buy one in Tanzania and make it the best in Africa at least and win 7 CAF champions league).

My Belief

I believe in GOD as the creature of everything and I am a big believer that everyone can get anything they want as long as they believe they can have it and work hard to have it.

What Lusekelo Hudson can do for you?

As I said above I am an arsenal fan an affiliate marketer and blogger (at least is what I think) a teacher, and an engineer so if you’re interested, I am here to serve so if you need any help or you need to talk or you have a project you think I can contribute even in the smallest wat or just you want to say hi, feel free to reach me in my Facebook or twitter or just click the contact me link below this page and let us talk.

There is another thing you want to know about me? Just ask via email or just tweet me at lusekelohudson or use AskLusekelo

Have a nice day

Lusekelo Hudson