Three types of education

I am a big believer of the old say that education is the key of life, I was told this since I was a kid and I did everything to get a better education.

So I started as everybody after finishing primary school where basically I learn how to read and write, I went to secondary school, then to university when I got my degree in automation engineering and then I told myself let me get a master degree in engineering.

Everything seemed going to plan but one day I started to think about my life trajectory then it hit me that I was broke and there were a lot of people with less education than me and they had better life. So my question was if the education is the key of life why as I was getting more education my life was not coming better?

I started to do a research and after sometime, I realized that my problem was that I had different kind education and those guys had different kind of education.

In the same research I found out that I was lacking one kind of education, in this short post I am going to tell you three types of education and which one I was lacking.

Academic education

This is the education that we need to get in order to get general knowledge, it is not specialized, for example how to read and write this is the general education and everybody should have it.

Professional education

This is the type of education that teaches you a certain profession, for example how to become an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher etc.

This kind of education is good and in my case I was lucky enough to have both of them .

Financial education

This is the third and the last type of education, this is the knowledge on how to manage your financial so that you will never go broke.

This is the kind of education that I was lacking, it does not matter if you’re a doctor, an engineer or a homeless. If you can’t manage your finances you will be always be in financial trouble.

And in our school system they don’t teach this type of education, if you want to improve your standard of like you need to go and get financial education.

Have a great day